Helping through your Business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping through your Business

Companies play a very important role in people’s lives, not only by generating employment and wealth, but as community development mobilizers. Hence, companies should not only have an economic role, but a social and environmental one as well.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an active and voluntary contribution of businesses to social, economic and environmental improvement. A set of practices, strategies and business management systems come under this concept, all of them seeking a new balance between the economic, social and environmental realms.


Fundación Asha-Kiran has created a Corporate Social Responsibility Fund with the aim of helping you exercise this social responsibility. In addition, fighting social inequality:

  • Improves the corporate image of your company.
  • Promotes loyalty from your customers, employees and shareholders.
  • Increases cohesion and motivation among your employees.

Any interested businesses have a place in Asha-Kiran’s Corporate Social Responsibility Fund. The requirement is to have a spirit of solidarity and responsibility which will be strengthened through the Fund. This way, your company, together with Asha-Kiran and other members of the Fund, will help implement health, social and educational projects in India, and make society aware of the living conditions of the beneficiaries. In order to attain both objectives, companies will participate in the Fund with an annual contribution of their choice, or in one of the ways below.

How much can businesses deduct from their donations on their tax declaration?

The donated amount is entitled to a 35% corporate tax deduction.

A 40% deduction can be applied, provided that donations of the same or greater amount have been made to the same entity in the two previous years.

How can your company participate in Asha-Kiran’s Social Fund?
  • Sponsoring Yashodhara Shelter Home for vulnerable children.
  • Financing specific projects.
  • Making one-time or regular monetary or non-monetary contributions.
  • Sponsoring advertisement or placing ads in activities with high public visibility.
  • Linking the benefits of one or more of your products to finance the project of your choice.
  • Bearing part or all of the cost of some of Asha-Kiran’s activities or expenses such as exhibits, campaigns, material, transportation, etc.
  • Inserting, at the company’s cost, brochures of the Foundation in its communications with customers and/or co-workers, helping to make our work known and facilitating the recruitment of sponsors or donors.
  • Providing services or products to our Organization for free or at special rates.
How does Asha-Kiran help your business? In Spain,
  • We facilitate a tax exemption by providing you with an official donation certificate, which translates to a tax deduction of 35% of your donation amountc
  • We insert a link to your company on our website. So your company’s image benefits.
  • We inform you regularly on the progress of our projects.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Taxation (Law 49/2002)

PFor monetary or in-kind donations (measured in book value), companies are entitled to a deduction of 35% on the full amount of Corporation Tax, with a limit of 10% of the tax base. When a cooperation agreement is signed, the amount donated is considered a deductible expense in full, with the possibility of deducting the costs incurred in the partnership. If you wish to participate in Asha-Kiran’s Social Responsibility Fund, need further information or have any queries, you may contact us at:

Avda. de Córdoba 21, 2º
28026 Madrid
91 392 06 88

The following information refers specifically to the Spanish tax system. Check your country's regulations on tax deductions applicable to donations to non-profit organizations.


The deduction to be included in the taxpayer's share is 25% of the total amount of the donation, in accordance with the limit established by law in Article 56.1 of Law 40/1998 for taxpayers and other Contribution Regulations (Article 19 of Law 40/2002 of December 23, "Taxation of non-profit entities and tax incentives for Sponsorship"), subject to the tax regimes of the Basque Country and Navarra, Spain.


The deduction to be included in the tax Organizations share is 35% of the total amount of the donation, never exceeding 10% of the tax base. Amounts exceeding this limit can be applied to fiscal years ending in the following 10 successive years (Article 20 of Law 49/2002 of December 23, “Taxation of non-profit organizations and tax incentives for sponsorship”), subject to the tax regimes of the Basque Country and Navarra, Spain.