Inheritance and Legacies

A Generous Contribution

A posthumous contribution to projects that improve the lives of people is a generous and caring heritage for humanity.

If you also your assets can help when you no longer need them, consider the possibility of including Fundación Asha-Kiran in your will. In case you agree, there are two ways to contribute without affecting the direct beneficiaries of your assets:



You may allocate your otherwise unencumbered assets to Asha-Kiran’s projects. This way, you could donate a fixed amount or a percentage of the total value of the assets you have at the time of your demise. It is also possible to bequeath assets in kind (real estate, art, jewelry, etc.).


Given the case that you had no direct heirs, your assets could help support Asha-Kiran’s work.

To begin the process of drawing up a will, you should contact an attorney and state in it that Fundación Asha-Kiran Foundation is the recipient of the assets you decide to bequeath, including the following details:

  1. Corporate Name: FUNDACIÓN ASHA-KIRAN
  2. Place of Business Calle Vizconde de los Asilos 1, 3º C, 28027 Madrid
  3. CIF: G84887231

When making the Will, it is advisable that the holder designate a trusted person to act as a proxy. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call us at (+34) 671 559 257‬ or send an e-mail to