Spreading the Word

Imbue your website with a social character

There are several ways of working together easily and effectively

  • Insert a banner

    Choose a prominent place on your website so that your visitors can see Asha-Kiran’s banner. You can also insert it in your e-mails. That way, the banner is an invitation to participate in our social work.

    This is the banner. You can save it and insert it into your website or e-mails.:

  • Insert a link on your Website

    Have a link to Asha-Kiran on your website. As you know, our address is www.asha-kiran.org

    You can insert the HTML code anywhere on your site:

<a href="https://asha-kiran.org" target="_blank">www.asha-kiran.org</a>
  • Send an information email

    There could be people among those around you or your contacts who are interested in pitching in to our projects.Complete the form below by clicking on SEND TO A FRIEND, and you will contribute to make Asha-Kiran’s work known among the people you choose.

    This is the image that will be included in the e-mail together with information about Asha-Kiran:

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