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At Asha-Kiran, we understand that poverty is mainly a dearth of choices in life. When people have no opportunities to choose their future nor to develop their aspirations, they are denied their basic rights as human beings. Due to the need to create opportunities, the main beneficiaries of our social endeavors are children from unprivileged classes in India, their family backgrounds and communities.

We are committed to accompany them and to support their lives and hopes, to provide alternatives to the disregard for their rights, neglect, indifference and abandonment. Our Projects are based on the creation and implementation of programs that generate decent and self-sufficient living conditions, while promoting and consolidating spaces where children, families and communities have the opportunities and resources that will enable them to improve their quality of life.

Join us in this beautiful undertaking.


Origins How did Asha-Kiran come to be?

Asha-Kiran (Ray of Hope in Hindi) was born out of a ‘personal need for transpersonal action’ on the part of its founders, and took shape after Uttam Módenes, during his many travels through India, received countless petitions for help from many people who wanted to lead a better life.

Realizing the impossibility of carrying out actions of real support which could be sustained over time without a minimum infrastructure, Uttam and Paloma Sousa (Hansa) decided to create Fundación Asha-Kiran in Spain and Asha-Kiran Shelters Foundation in India, the recipient of the funds raised in Spain.

After studying potential Intervention Projects on the spot, we decided to start by establishing Day Care Centersspaces where we could support vulnerable children in their day- to-day living, and to open Yashodhara Home, which could take in children with more pressing needs. From these spaces, our aim is to provide a stable direction to their lives and respect to their rights as per the Convention on the Rights of the Child United Nations..

Currently, in addition to caring for a greater number of children at Yashodhara Shelter, we have launched more Day Care Centers that specialize in the care and schooling of the children of migrant construction workers. Also, our Community Development project covers a wide range of services for the children and families living in the slum of Birajdar in Pune.

Mission and Vision “Life is a series of individual moments.”

At Asha-Kiran, we understand the importance of meeting the basic needs of every moment, or that they at least not be an obstacle, so that each instant in life can be lived with utmost quality.

Asha-Kiran defines by ‘quality’ the opportunity to feel safe, to make choices, to look forward to the future with full vitality. We believe that the opportunities for development that our social work provides to the children who benefit from this work, can provide them with many ‘quality’ moments.


Fundación Asha-Kiran is an organization formed by people from different political, religious and cultural backgrounds who have come together with the aim of creating HOMES – spaces where vulnerable children in India can count on the love, care, protection, safety and participation opportunities that will allow them to develop vitality and the ability to be happy, features which we consider innate in every human being.

The rights established in the Convention on the Rights of the Child act as a basic and permanent frame of reference for our mission. Attaining our goals necessarily implies developing community development processes that respect the traditions and the culture of the beneficiaries.


We, at Asha-Kiran, work with the hope of building together a world fit for children where they will have the right to be children, to play, to be valued and to learn, to not be adults prematurely, to not have to worry about food or shelter. We believe that a world fit for children is the beginning and also the result of the transformation in the way human beings live.


Board of Trustees

The Board is made up of professionals from different walks of life. Its functions include representing, governing and managing Fundación Asha-Kiran.
President Uttam Módenes (Gipuzkoa)
Teacher of Yoga, Dance Therapy, and group motivator.
Vice-president and Secretary Paloma (Hansa) Sousa Leal (Madrid)
Business Manager
Chairperson Silvia Benítez Redrejo (Madrid)
B.A. in Philology

Collaborating Organizations Working Together

Businesses play a very important role in society, not only as generators of wealth, but as agents for community development. Therefore, companies should not only have financial goals, but also social and environmental ones.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an active, responsible and voluntary contribution of business to socioeconomic improvement and environmental preservation.

We appreciate the support that the following public and private entities provide to us:

Asha-Kiran in India

Asha-Kiran Shelters Foundation is the name of Fundación Asha-Kiran in India.

We have our own legal structure in the country in order to carry out projects in India, without relying on other organizations.


Phone: (+91) 96573 87764