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Nearly 10 million children work in India between the ages of 5 and 14. According to the United Nations, progress in eradicating child labor has stalled in the world for the first time in 20 years, reversing the previous trend. At present, we must redouble our collective efforts to get children back into schools, where they can plan their future and be agents of change in their communities.

In our Community Development project, we work with children and teens from Birajdar slum who are not in school, are victims of child labor or child marriage, beg on the streets, or fall into the hands of criminal organizations. Our work aims to make them and their families aware of their rights, understand the importance of getting an education, and to fight child labor in their communities.

We want them to develop the necessary skills to shield themselves from violations of their rights, and to enjoy a fulfilling childhood.

In each community:

  • We support families so that children and teenagers can attend school
  • We provide after-school tutoring to ensure good academic performance, and to minimize dropout rates
  • We implement comprehensive early childhood care services and educate parents in this realm
  • We implement basic hygiene services, with a focus on gender
  • We carry out health check-ups for children and teens, and raise community awareness on sexual and reproductive health, as well as mental health issues
  • We organize sports and integration activities to reduce rates of violence and drug use
  • We carry out numerous activities and programs to promote children's rights.