Young Promises

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The Young Promises project offers educational opportunities and specific tools to young people so that they can continue with their studies and get ready for the coming years.

The children we have been working with for a long time have grown up, and find themselves at a moment when they have to begin making decisions about their own future.

Part of our work has been accomplished, as they have become responsible, wish to continue their studies and realize that, by making efforts and being committed to their own education, they will have greater opportunities.

Given their social and family situation, we need to continue supporting them economically and emotionally. Through the Young Promises project, we wish them to keep them on track with their studies and help them plan their lives taking their interests, objectives and possibilities into account, so that their educational, work and personal process will allow them to achieve their goals.

The project revolves around the following areas:

  • Education: scholarships, support classes, training in social skills.
  • Health care: palliative and preventive health.
  • Life project: development of personal tools.
  • Family development: working with families so they can improve their quality of life and support their children in their education.