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Preliminary results of the project protecting the rights of street children

Last May, we told you about a new project that aims to protect millions of children who live on the streets of India without any assistance or supervision.

The objective is to work in six slums by offering basic sanitary services, information, workshops on sexual and reproductive health, bridging courses for children to join the mainstream education system, school tutoring, sports and cultural activities, and awareness-raising for families, among others.

So far, activities have been carried out and assistance has been given to 375 children ranging in age from 0 to 18, and to 93 youngsters from 18 to 25. Of these, 56 children have been schooled, 207 are taking a ‘bridging course’ to learn the basic syllabus and join the school system, and 95 are being tutored so as to curtail academic failure and dropping out of school.

Many activities have been carried out and much remains to be done. One of the most difficult challenges is to make vulnerable and marginalized families aware of the need for their children not to work but go to school instead and participate in activities such as guidance and support workshops. We work with volunteers who have ample experience in slums and do a great job.

Thanks to this project, destitute children and youngsters from six slums now have access to fresh opportunities for the future and a fulfilling life.