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While catering directly to children through academic tutoring, day care, health and nutritional care, non-formal education and family counseling, the Community Development project in Hadapsar carries out the following activities, among others:

  • Forming and energizing self-help groups for women
  • Adult literacy
  • Adolescent Health Program and Life Skills
  • Promotion of quality of infant feeding and neo-natal program
  • Vocational training and preparation for employment
  • Community management of the Information Center.

The broad spectrum of the project has allowed us to go from a group of 80 beneficiaries (the children who initially attended the Day Care Centers), to a total of about 2000 people (children, teens and adults from the slum areas).

In this project, it is “they” (women, teens and adults) who take the initiative, direct the dynamics and even carry out the evaluation of results. The development of a community is the process of helping it to become stronger and develop its full potential – this is what we are after.

A participatory approach encourages all community members, regardless of age or gender, to participate in a process that allows them to express their needs and decide their own future with a view to their empowerment and sustainability, rather than through centralization of leadership

Community Development Summary

Original photographs taken in the places where Asha-Kiran carries out her projects. 100% of the funds raised will go to our projects in India.

40 × 50 cm photographs, printed on high quality photographic paper and framed.

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