Growing together

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A nursery is the ideal place for infants and toddlers to be cared for while their parents are working or unable to look after them. Given the growing number of nuclear families and working mothers in India, there is an increasing need to provide this service to children under three

This phase is crucial for their physical and cognitive development; it is when children acquire the ability to process information from their environment and respond to it, thus expanding their communication and interaction skills. Therefore, it is essential to provide the stimuli they need for an optimal and harmonious development in safe surroundings, in the company of caregivers who protect, listen, encourage and pamper them, and know how to guide their behavior.

True to our goal of making education a joint and consensual effort, our nursery teacher and her helper are in close and constant contact with the mothers who entrust us with their children.

Original photographs taken in the places where Asha-Kiran carries out her projects. 100% of the funds raised will go to our projects in India.

40 × 50 cm photographs, printed on high quality photographic paper and framed.

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