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Yashodhara Home Project

A natural setting of spectacular beauty, academic, vocational and value education, sports and competitions, nourishment, health care, celebrations, performances, comradeship and a close accompaniment of children by their teachers and caregivers, are the pillars that life at Yashodhara Home is built on.

Community Development Project

These images are sketches of life in marginal communities and of our work with them and their children: health campaigns, IT and tailoring classes, non-formal education and academic support, self-help groups and more...

Day Care Centers for Migrant Children Project

Some of the services that parents who work at construction sites need and that the Day Care Centers provide are: safe places where their children can grow and play, health care, nutritious food, preparatory tuition for children who will begin formal schooling, and school transportation.

Creative Workshops Project

Asha-Kiran’s Creative Workshops go beyond visual and handcrafted shapes because, in addition to fostering creativity in a physical sense, they provide the ideal conditions for volunteers who share their art forms and the children they share them with, to embark on a three-week-journey where the priorities are giving, taking, exploring textures, shapes, colors, games and mutual closeness.

Nursery Project

Given the growing number of nuclear families and working mothers in India, there is an increasing need to provide this service to children under three years of age…

Original photographs taken in the places where Asha-Kiran carries out her projects. 100% of the funds raised will go to our projects in India.

40 × 50 cm photographs, printed on high quality photographic paper and framed.

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