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The aim of Yashodhara Home is for vulnerable children from the city of Pune to live in a place where they find the aid that will enable them to develop their potential and the greatest possibilities to participate and make choices in their own life. From this space, we offer them:

  • The chance to access education and vocational training that will further their integration into the educational and productive system of the country.
  • The possibility of having access to the health and hygiene that will facilitate a healthy overall development.
  • The chance to live in an environment where the protection of their rights and the necessary affection are guaranteed.

The project sets off from the Convention on the Rights of the Child as set forth by the United Nations, which acts as a beacon for the objectives, the methodology and the activities we undertake. This favors comprehensive and positive actions in which the children, their families and their community also take part

Its implementation allows the development of vulnerable children and their reference background, paying special attention to the areas where their rights are not respected. Always taking into account the interests of the child, our plan is to generate development processes that imply learning and personal autonomy, and favor a comprehensive, lasting and stable development based on knowledge of children’s issues, acting with and on their reference background.

Thanks to the Yashodhara Shelter Project, boys and girls can have access to a better life

The blossoming of one of ‘our’ girls.


Gaurilost her mother at birth and her father died soon after. While still an infant and under conditions of extreme poverty, she and her three older brothers were left under the care of their grandmother. When she died, Gauri and her siblings were destitute.

Referred to Asha-Kiran by the NGO Women in Action, and due to her precarious family situation, Gauri came to us with severe behavioral and relationship problems with adults and children.

Just two weeks after being admitted to Yashodhara, changes could be seen in Gauri which have now become second nature; she has learned to read and write, shows interest in her studies and all the activities of the Shelter and has become a cheerful, affectionate, open and respectful child.

Yashodhara Home Summary

Original photographs taken in the places where Asha-Kiran carries out her projects. 100% of the funds raised will go to our projects in India.

40 × 50 cm photographs, printed on high quality photographic paper and framed.

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