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In this section, we show you graphically what Asha-Kiran’s work is all about, the steps we have taken since it was founded, and the experiences of the people who have worked with us as Volunteers.

We hope you enjoy getting to know us.


Solidarity Calendars bring people closer to ‘our’ children and are a source of financial support for our projects.

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Share Solidarity

We urge you to purchase our 2021 Solidarity Calendar and /or Christmas Lottery for yourself or your beloved ones. Helping to sell them is also a way to contribute.

This way of sharing brings Hope to children and to people in need of it.

Thank you.


In our Reports, you will be able to see the steps we have taken, and the development of the people and social groups we work for.

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Projects Dossier


Here, we share the impressions of the people who have worked side-by-side with Asha-Kiran as Volunteers in Pune, India. Their work with the children through Creative and Leisure Workshops has brought them deep satisfaction. Here is their vision of what Volunteer Work is about.

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