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Solidarity Calendar 2018

On sale! Our beautiful Solidarity Calendar 2018 is now only €3. We have very few left and have cut down the price by 50% so that no one is left without it.

Our Calendar has something special every month: it tells a story, it introduces us to a person from one of our projects, it talks about a local custom, and it brings you a traditional recipe from Maharashtra State, where Pune -the city where our projects are carried out- is located.

The eating habits of each country are related to their identity. They represent their customs, traditions and the passing on of knowledge and rituals. In India, cooking is sacred and it has been used for honoring the gods, brightening up life and sharing since ancient times. Come to know India through its aromas, colors and flavors, and get your Solidarity Calendar 2018. There are very few left!

For further information, to help us sell them or to place your order, please write us at or call (+34) 91 392 06 88.