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Millions of children spend their lives amid misery, neglect, discrimination, and lack of protection. They are often excluded from essential services and are frequently exploited and abused.

Asha-Kiran's projects are in close contact with the reality of these children, their families, and their community, to ensure that their basic rights to education, healthcare, healthy nourishment, protection, and participation are respected. We provide them with tools to become agents of change who can help break the cycle of poverty in their community..

Day Care Centers

In India, construction is the biggest source of employment for …

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Yashodhara Shelter Home

The aim of Yashodhara Home is for vulnerable children from …

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Young Promises

The Young Promises project offers educational opportunities and specific tools …

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Community development

Nearly 10 million children work in India between the ages of 5 and 14. …

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