Con Poco, puedes hacer Mucho!

Fundación Asha-Kiran Vitality sharing Vitality

Asha-Kiran Foundation is committed to efficiently turning the funds it receives into direct support for those who need it, with full transparency in its management practices to sponsors, donors, co-workers and authorities.

There are several ways to work with Asha-Kiran. Choose the one that best suits your possibilities.

Becoming a Partner

With a small amount of money a day you can help our projects continue to provide life chances to children, teens and adults in Pune, India

Making a Donation

Any contribution you make is always valid and useful.. You decide the time and the amount. It can be a one-time, quarterly or annual donation.

Becoming a Volunteer

At Asha-Kiran, virtually all of us are Volunteers. We are simple people, motivated by solidarity, who understand the word “sharing” as a transformative action beyond self-interest.

Sponsoring a girl or a boy

With just 70 cents a day (€21 a month), you make it possible for a child to receive an education, nourishment and health care in a safe and protective environment, while improving the living conditions of their community.

Spreading the Word

Make your website have/Imbue your website with a social character. There are several ways of working together easily and effectively.

Helping through your School

Asha-Kiran believes it is necessary to teach values to children and young people so they may help build a more equitable/just world. Fortunately, the Spanish education system includes the teaching of values such as solidarity, respect and co-education in the school curriculum.

Helping through your Business

Companies play a very important role in people’s lives, not only by generating employment and wealth, but as community development mobilizers. Hence, companies should not only have an economic role, but a social and environmental one as well.

Collection Boxes/Tins

Place a Collection Tin/Box in a strategic and visible place of any establishment so that everyone can find out about our work and cooperate.

Inheritance and Legacies

A posthumous contribution to projects that improve the lives of people is a generous and caring heritage for humanity.