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II Photo Contest Out of Focus


May 22, 2020 – We are expanding the theme of the II Photo Contest Out of Focus and we will be accepting photographs not only from India but also from the entire Indian subcontinent. For geographical, historical, cultural and social reasons, we understand that India shares many similarities with the entire subcontinent and we find it interesting to give the opportunity to present works that expose issues related to the equality / inequality of women and girls throughout this region.

The Indian subcontinent is the geographical region which includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan and, for their history and culture, the island states of Sri Lanka and Maldives are also considered to be part.


For the second year in a row year we launch our Photo Contest OUT OF FOCUS. We want to bring social reality closer through many participating eyes to invite reflection and encourage participation, volunteering and social action in search of a more just society for everybody. Art can be a powerful tool for social transformation.

Due to the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to bring forward the date of the Contest so that you can select your photos with time and be an inspiration and motivation at this moment.

The objective of this year is to select the best photographs to be part of our printed 2021 Solidarity Calendar which aims at making the girls and women of India visible.

In addition, the photographs will be shared on our website and on social networks.

Photographers, professionals or amateurs can take part in this contest. If you traveled to India and have beautiful photos from that trip, this is the opportunity to share them with the world for a good cause.


The objective of this II Photo Contest OUT OF FOCUS is, by means of art, to raise awareness of the need of equality between women and men and to promote the fight against the inequality and discrimination that millions of women and girls live around the world.

India is a country with a fascinating history and enormous cultural, religious and philosophical wealth. In this context, the role and condition of women have undergone many changes during the past millennia.

India is today the most dangerous place in the world for girls and women, mainly due to the risk of sexual violence and labor exploitation. One in four girls will not reach puberty due to the different forms of violence against them. At the same time, more and more women are joining and organizing for the claim of their rights, and the fight for equality and freedom.


In this edition, can participate images about equal rights between women and men and that portray situations of daily life that reflect the inequality and discrimination experienced by girls and women in all areas. They can be photographs that make inequality visible or, conversely, the fight for equality.

Some examples: social and political participation, empowerment, women´s strikes, women in community, women occupying positions in which they are underrepresented, work related to women linked to gender stereotypes (care, home), co-responsibility, feminization of poverty, child labor for girls, child marriage, training and education in equality, androcentric vision of the world, sexism in the media communication, health and gender, etc.


People over 18, professionals or photo amateurs.


The winning photograph will be the cover of the Asha-Kiran 2021 Solidarity Calendar and the finalist photographs will be part of the Calendar’s interior. Winners will receive a Calendar, a certificate and an envelope with a small surprise gift.

As every year, the fundraising made through this Calendar will be used entirely for the projects of Fundación Asha-Kiran.

These photographs will be used for exhibitions, events or spaces for promotion and dissemination of the work of Fundación Asha-Kiran.

In each case, the authors will be notified by mail and invited to participate.


Each participant may submit a minimum of 1 photographs and a maximum of 5 photographs. The works must be original creations, that is, that the participant must be the exclusive author of the images.

The images must be of photographic origin, which means they were taken with a camera (DSLR, ILC, mobile phone, etc.).

Color adjustments, contrast, cropping, dust removal or small imperfections and similar adjustments are allowed.

File format and size.

To participate it is necessary that the photographs fulfill these requirements:

  • JPG or RAW format.
  • Minimum resolution required 200/250 dpi.
  • Maximum size 18Mb.
  • No watermarks or signature.

April 27, 2020 to July 1, 2020 inclusive


The photographs and the required information must be sent by email or Dropbox.

Send or share in indicating in the subject “Photo Contest”.

The following information must be attached:

  • Category of participation.
  • Title of the works.
  • Brief description of the work in a maximum of 200 words.
  • Specific places where photographs have been taken.
  • Data of the author: names and surnames, telephone, address, email.
  • Signed attached form of Responsible Declaration and Rights transfer.

The jury will be formed by members of Fundación Asha-Kiran and professional photography collaborators in this Contest. The jury’s decision will be final and may be vacant if the jury determinates it.

The finalists of the Contest will receive notification of the decision through email and phone.

The ruling will be made public before August 31, 2020.


Transfer of rights: the participants will transfer the use of their personal data and the works received. FUNDACIÓN ASHA-KIRAN will possess the transfer of use of the photographs, reserving the right of reproduction, edition and exhibition without limit of place and date in any format, always mentioning the author.

Declaration on the unpublished and original nature of the photographs: the intellectual property rights must belong entirely and without exception to the person participating in the contest.

The photographs may not have won other contests.

A letter signed by the contestant of the acceptance of the Privacy Policy on personal data and transfer of image rights will be accepted.

Download the Rules of the Contest

IIncludes the Responsable Declaration and Rights Transfers form.

Click here or left icon to download.

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