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Another success story

Name: Jyoti S.S.

Jyoti is 11 years old and came from Delhi in 2019 to stay in Patil Wasti, a slum in the city of Pune, along with her mother, father, and older brother. At first, she didn’t like it there and never left home. He didn’t like to interact with others or make friends.

Every time our team visited the slum and wanted to talk to her, she would lock herself up at home and avoid talking to anyone, so they started visiting her regularly and interacting with her. They found out that she missed her school in Delhi and her friends.

Her mother, Kavita, told us that Jyoti didn’t want to go to Pune but, as her father was jobless in Delhi, they were forced to move. We decided to ask her mother what Jyioti liked and didn’t, and enrolled her in 4th standard at Somnath Vidyalaya School.

Our Center teacher and social mobiliser went to her school, spoke to the teacher, and informed her of Jyioti’s difficulties in understanding the local language, Marathi, as she was new to Maharashtra and spoke Hindi. Gradually and over time, she started coming to our Day Care Center. We concentrated on teaching her how to write, read and speak Marathi. She also joined the football team and now comes to training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

She became a member of “The Green Army”, a group of children who raise awareness about climate change and children’s rights.

She participated in our Annual Sports Day in December of last year, and in the Annual Cultural Day in February of this year, performing in one of the shows. She now attends school regularly and does her homework. She has made friends and participates in all the activities that take place in our Center.
We are delighted to see such a positive change and improvement in her behavior!